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Saitou Takumi

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Saitou Takumi

B/W sexy



November 20th, 2006


B/W sexy
Visiting family for our celebration of Thanksgiving. MIA a few days. Ryu's coming with.


Well ain't that a pisser. I need a christmas list.

Merry christmas.

October 3rd, 2006


...My lovely boyfriend has posted up the trailer to my movie coming out late next month. So, go check his journal for the link.

Still so not uke.

I'm at work this morning, though I bought a new gothic lolita dress this weekend and dressed up for Ryu which inevitably led to us having hot makeout times to show Ryu. He liked it. Though he called me doll and it put 'Barbie Girl' in my head. God, that song...

Got some here and there stuff to do, since I've got an easy day today. I'll be going home early to get changed and possibly crash Kenn's manager's office if I can find the address again before going to a club tonight. I like being hands-off at a club, always can find the real men from the dumbasses who are just grabby.

Yay for trail mix. Got addicted to it the other night. It's ridiculous but I'm finding I love dried fruits...

So time to explode my computer and go home. Maybe I'll do something interesting before my evening out...

September 26th, 2006


*shifty eyes*

Chocolate and Ryu-chan have some strange side-effects when put together. *cough*

I got down and watched the Hyoutei in Winter Myu the other night with mom. Well, really it was more like "you think those two make a hot couple?" and "omg HAND HOLDING!" and things like that. Mom and I do weird crap all the time like this, but this was the DVD she had been watching.

(She's been like that since our dinner together the four of us. She watches that backstage far too much.)

Mom's good, if you've wondered. She and I made some curry and tempura the other night. I forgot how much fun that was. We made quite a mess and she just about had a heart attack when I started cutting roman letters out of the veggies and meat to tempura-ize. We spelled out some fun words ('banana', 'sticky note', and 'moose' for a few). Mom's always wanted to learn some English. So it's fun to teach like that.

Went to the temple too this weekend, with mom (I mean my grandmother's temple, mind you). There's a caretaker who we all call Ojiisan, and he's been pruning the trees and bushes and such around the property. (It's gorgeous.) We were having tea in one of the gardens with him and he asked me something that I've not been able to stop thinking about. He's known my family for several years, and he knows I love to travel. Ojiisan asked me if I was ever going to travel again. I want to so much, but I don't know where to, yet. I haven't decided, though I want to go down to New Zealand. It looks awesome there. But what got me to thinking was, he asked if after I was done traveling 'are you going to settle down somewhere? With a nice girl? Going to keep acting and performing?'

Well, though the 'nice girl' part is certainly a moot point now, the rest of it makes me wonder. I'm doing what I love to do, getting the experiences I want, traveling, seeing the world. I'm happy with how things are right now (except the whole Kenn-not-being-able-to-be-around-so-much thing, that I would change in a heartbeat.), and I really can't fathom things changing. I told mom as much when we had dinner that night at the temple (when we were alone). She gave me a serious look and asked me if I ever was going to settle down ('settle down' meaning in mom-speak get married or handfasted, whichever). She knows about the ... um... yeah. The second worst thing I've ever done in my life... and she said to me "Oi, Takkun... I thought sincerely that you would've given this some thought." I have, and she knows it, but it seems I'm never quite where mom thinks I should be.


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Kenn-chan? Come home soon, please? I miss you.

September 11th, 2006


In Thought



I refuse to comment on what; it's somewhat being taken care of but otherwise, let it be.


Got a kitten. Ryunosuke wanted a puppy. I hate dogs. We ended up with one, er rather he did and I then by default did. I like him well enough now. I hope Ryu doesn't abandon me for his dog like my father did. And I wanted a cat. I wanted to wait for Kenn to be around but Yuushi insisted we go... so I have a kitten named Shinsui. She's barely a month old, poor thing.


I'm going to be not around much, I don't think. I went out in the rain and now I'm coming down with something. And no, that is not how I screwed myself over.

I'm going to make some hot tea and curl up in bed. Miss me, okay? I'm gonna curl up with Shinsui and pretend I'm not by myself.


Kenn... Ryu and I want to crash work. You cool with that?
[[ooc: Ne, Kenn-mun, how's your schedule?]]

September 3rd, 2006


Close hug
Everyday I'm reminded of why I'm the luckiest man alive.

Hey, Kenn... how do you feel about cats? And do I need to put a dress on and crash your manager's office still? *wink*

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September 1st, 2006



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August 31st, 2006


If dinner with boyfriends and mom -- together -- isn't enough to mindwarp you...

Been a while. What's gone on? I'm sure you know about Ulysses and Boys Love.

What else though?

Because you need more proof of my hotness. How juvenile of me. I somehow can't be bothered. I look suddenly like I went from the realm of 'sexy god-like man' to 'Oh look how adorable I am!'. WTF. [[ooc: Thanks, kat8cha for the link. Ahem.]]

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[[Oh ignore ye time stamp. :D Love having boyfriend-muns living on the other side of the world.]]

August 22nd, 2006



I'll be off on my lonesome, kthxbai.

August 17th, 2006


In Thought
KENN has finally come back. I think. God, I'm so happy to see him again.

I miss Ryunosuke, too. He's suddenly disappeared. I... need a hug. I need to be held right now. Mom sent some old home videos of me and mom and grandmother at her home and I've been sniffling all evening. Somehow it's not embarrassing to admit it.

I'm going up to mom's tomorrow. Family stuff with Grandmother's will and all that. I'll be home in the late late evening, though. I'm leaving before sunrise this morning, so... yeah. If you need me call my cell.

Friday night I plan to go to a cross dressing club. That ought to be fun! :D

August 11th, 2006


In Thought
If you are responsible for trashing my front door, you are paying to have it fixed.

This is the second time. I probably scared the hell out of Kawaai-kun; I almost blew up at the thing while he was pointing it out to me.

I am extremely, extremely pissed off.

If I swore...this would be the time I'd swear. Ryu, dirty talk does not count. If you need me, I'm gardening. Though beware, I may still be angry if you come in the next little while.
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